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Our creative and free-minded team with more than 20 years of experience brings joy and inspiration into your daily life with original lifestyle products & solutions for your hotel, restaurant, or private property projects.
We believe it’s essential to express your individuality. Don’t be standard – just be yourself. Our purpose is to offer a matrix of possibilities with endless combinations to customize your designs. We support your dream project from A to Z. We design and produce inspiring handmade objects and original atmospheres for authentic ways of sharing life.
Let’s create the perfect atmosphere to share great moments with your family, friends, and customers.
Lea Durbuy


Why look for perfection? We feel perfection does not fuel connection; it is neither warm nor welcoming. Purity and purpose are what bring real value. When wood washed ashore becomes a set of chairs accommodating a company of friends who share dinner and joyous moments, that’s when material gets meaning.

What once was wreckage, has become a tool of togetherness, generating precious memories for years to come. Our interior concepts are not designed to chase perpetuity; on the contrary, we embrace the passing of time. You see, life never ends, it just transforms. There is always something next. It is a neverending process of transformation. What gives birth, lives and decays, will eventually die. That is the circle of life.

Here at Sempre we find peace in the decay of materials. In that exact moment is where real beauty shines through. 


We offer a timeless collection of indoor and outdoor furniture and decoration for all, from robust tables in reclaimed teak or oak wood to handmade ceramics, artisanal pottery, and luxurious glass handblown by the masters.

The beauty of our products is found in their humbleness and simplicity. Our designs are never just about designing something new; they are created to give a feeling of serenity and peace of mind.

We offer our collections to unique retail stores around the world. Have you always dreamed of having a one-of-a-kind collection in your store? Or would you like to open an exclusive Official Sempre store? Anything is possible.

Bringing together people from around the world to showcase, catch up and connect to see the latest design projects… 
That’s what we aim to do with Sempre Nomads. 
We want to showcase our projects and immediately take the opportunity to laugh and dance together because that’s what life is really about: real moments and real connections. During Paris Design Week, a new design boutique opened in the heart of Paris: Quinquaud Le Jardin. 
Get a taste of the atmosphere.


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