the beauty of imperfection

While I was on a journey through Japan, I had the urge to discover & etch out the kind of beauty that I felt most deeply attracted to in life. The word “beauty” for me is not only visual, it’s a combination of exiting, even pleasurable combination of sensations reflecting from things. Objects, environments or even ideas. They make me feel connected to people & the world surrounding them. The feeling we all know as “good, right and true”. 

Natural, coarse, raw, textured, rough on the touch. These are the words I would use to describe beauty around me. Often these states are reactive to the effects of mother nature. I love the tentative, delicate traces left by the sun. wind, heath and cold. My fascination with the language of rust, tarnish, warping, cracking, shrinking, scarring, peeling and other forms of wearing down of things is, for some people, hard to understand. 

Gust Bertels – Founder of Sempre Life


Why look for perfection? We feel perfection does not fuel connection; it is neither warm nor welcoming. Purity and purpose are what bring real value. When wood washed ashore becomes a set of chairs accommodating a company of friends who share dinner and joyous moments, that’s when material gets meaning.

What once was wreckage, has become a tool of togetherness, generating precious memories for years to come. Our interior concepts are not designed to chase perpetuity; on the contrary, we embrace the passing of time. You see, life never ends, it just transforms. There is always something next. It is a neverending process of transformation. What gives birth, lives and decays, will eventually die. That is the circle of life.

Here at Sempre we find peace in the decay of materials. In that exact moment is where real beauty shines through.